In a pre-covid-19 world we all would be trying to figure out which 4/20 parties to attend. After all, April 20th is a day that all Cannabis people come together to celebrate Cannabis freedom as well as perform some civil disobedience towards the government for continuing to criminalize our plant and the people. Thousands of loyal Mary Jane lovers all over the world will celebrate Cannabis on 4/20. Only this year it’s going to look different, but smell just as it always has! So, if you haven’t already secured your stash for this special day- please get your Cannabis, be safe and stay home. Whatever you do, don’t puff, puff pass right now with anyone.

Here are Cannapolitan’s suggestions for a successful 420 stay at home party with your home quarantine homies.

Because nearly all of us have been mandated to stay home and only go out for essential needs, Cannabis is considered “essential” in many medical & legal states currently. So where’s the party? Cannapolitan has your very own exclusive stay at home 420 celebration plans covered in this guide, light one up and prepare.

That's right, not today! It's 4/20/2020!

We know it isn’t the most ideal way to spend 4/20 at home, but here’s a few tips to keep it awesome.

  • Wash your hands… sorry couldn’t help ourselves…but, ya do that!
  • Secure your stash! Make sure you have plenty of Cannabis on hand for the long day and week ahead. There are going to be amazing deals and sales at dispensaries in medical and adult use legal states, so make sure to hit up your favorite spot.
  • If you still use a dealer, this call should have been made already due to supply and demand even the “traditional market” will require some effort, patience, and distancing.
  • Clean your bong and/or pipes so they’re fresh for 4/20/2020 at 4:20!
  • Make sure you got all your munchie needs in house and ready for consumption.
  • Have a list of fun movies, comedy stand-up specials, or Tiger King episodes to play for chillin and munching.
  • Edibles- you know the drill, start with a small dose and wait 2 hours, titrating your edibles is also a wise move.
  • Some peoples endocannabinoid systems are not as woke as yours! Don’t encourage your “now and then I smoke” friend to huge dabs, keep them on a joint. Over medicated friends are no fun and you don’t want to babysit them even from a distance, its a huge buzzkill.
  • Keep it fun!

The beauty of staying at home is you can surf around to as many celebrations as you want!

This year the Cannabis community has once again gotten creative under the circumstances and there will be online parties and events all day long throughout the United States and the world! We’ve curated a wonderful list of awesome get together events for your 420 pleasure, check them out below. This year you don’t need to get on a plane, get a hotel, or deal with the crowds. You can crowd surf online instead!

Willie Nelson's Come & Toke it!

Willie Nelson and friends invite you to join them live on

Nothing beats smokin one with Willie! This one kicks off right at 4:20 CMT so make sure you have something spectacular to smoke and enjoy this show for 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Jam in the Van- Keep it Heady

Jam in the Van started up in Austin Texas. Jam in the Van has become a hit on youtube and could be seen at events throughout the country. They showcase new and established artists and prove to the world that you can create a great sounding studio inside a city sized bus. The “Van” is back in Austin where they keep it especially weird, fun and not to mention the city decriminalized possession of Cannabis in small amounts. The line-up has a great variety of artists that promise to have you feeling irie. Check their YouTube page here.

The Great American Sesh-In 2020

This is the Great American Sesh-In for sure this year! Thank the ganja gods and celebrate with true Cannabis freedom fighters, activists, celebrity smokers and much more! Live DJ sets, education, comedy and much more starting at 11am PST! This is an all day ganja-extravaganza! Links below to all the good stuff:

Tune in 4/20, beginning at 11am PT:

Zoom Boom Room:

DJs schedule:
Matire D – 11:00 – 12:00 PM PT
Rocker T – 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PT
DJ AIRWOLF – 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM PT

To donate directly to / COVID-19, visit:

Celebrate 50 years of activism with Los Angeles NORML

One of the largest epicenters of the Cannabis movement on the planet is Los Angeles. LA Norml celebrates their 50th year with some serious heavy hitters! Join Bruce Margolin,  Tommy Chong, Todd McCormick, Keith Stroup and more for a smoke out sesh with the OG’s of the movement and more!

Go to for the live streaming pre-420 event starts on 4/19 at 3:30PST. Here’s a link to the page after it airs, you didn’t miss an opportunity to see it here!

Nevada NORML celebrates 420

Nevada NORML chapter is celebrating 420 with a live festival streaming here.

Jetlife 420

Killer Mike of the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels is celebrating his born day and this very special high holiday with his friends. Hosted by  Curren$y this stream will feature: former NBA baller Al Harrington of Viola Cannabis, Dej Loaf, Kimani and more for a fun filled streaming experience on Jet Life Records YouTube page here.

420 Icons Presented by Cannabis Business Awards in collaboration with World of Cannabis Museum

Who are the most influencial and historic Cannabis people of our time? Find out by streaming this live event presented by the Cannabis Business Awards in collaboration with World of Cannabis Museum. Our Cannapolitan friend and contributor Bobby Black and Cannabis Business Awards founder Chloe Villano host this exceptional countdown of 420 icons along with a list of OG activists and celebrities. The stream kicks off at 2pm PST on Facebook live. Here’s a link to the fun!

Bob Marley Celebrates 75! Kaya Radio 24 hours of streaming exclusives!

Stay at home with Bob Marley and sesh with the greatest OG Cannabis activist ever! Kaya Radio will be streaming 24 hours of Bob’s music, videos, Legacy Docu-series episodes celebrating the genius and spirit of the late great Bob Marley. The Marley family is celebrating Bob’s 75th birthday all year long with exclusive and never before seen images and video. Stream Kaya Radio on YouTube here.

Watch the Bob Marley LEGACY episodes here

Higher Together brought to you by Weedmaps

Join Wiz Khalifa, Erykah Badu, Stephen Marley, and many more special guests for this donation drive in support of the Last Prisoner Project. Berner will be giving away 5K worth of Cookies gear, check it out starting at 12pm PST.  Click here to join in on this smoke sesh and get Higher Together


420 World Record

There will never be a better time for us all to try for a new world record of Cannabis consumers all in one place, besides the famous Denver 420 Rally! We’re gonna give it a good chance to happen! All t-shirt sale proceeds benefit Last Prisoner Project. Sign up to help create a world record here.

BGR! FourTwenty


Leading black women in the cannabis industry discuss the business opportunities, wellness benefits, and future of cannabis. Featuring Mary Pryor, Khadihaj Tribble, Jennifer Snowden, Joy Hollingsworth, Dr. Rachel Knox, and a DJ set from DJ Beverly Bond.

Tune in at 4:00pm EST on Instagram Live at @blackgirlsrock

Get Good at Weed

Donation drive for Last Prisoner Project and COVID-19 Relief Fund hosted by Miss Grass

An action packed wellness focused 420 cannabis event which starts with Chelsea Handler and ends with a closing DJ set with Lola Langusta. Lizzy Jeff and other advocates will engage in conversation on sex and quarantine, Vanessa Lavorato from Bong Appétit will teach a 15 minute workshop, Steve DeAngelo will join other activists to teach us more about restorative justice in the cannabis industry and more. Attend for free or donate to Last Prisoner Project and COVID-19 Relief.

Tune in from 12-4:20pm PST, see the full schedule here.

So there you have it, we hope we haven’t overwhelmed you with the amount of choices to check out this 4/20 at home.

Next year there will be some serious make-up in person celebrations to create. For now enjoy this incredible grouping of 420 activities and entertainment designed to educate, inspire and activate your endocannabinoid system through a streaming experience.  Be well everyone, stay home and safe!

Happy 420 from all of us here at Cannapolitan!