The seventh year of Northern Nights Music Festival is about to set it off in California’s Emerald Triangle on July 19-21, 2019. This annual festival event is centered in the Redwoods on the Eel River. The weekend promises to provide attendees with the experience of total immersion, live music, wellness and cannabis! WHAT? You heard me, Cannabis! Now that we have your attention…

When we first heard about this festival and this year’s plans to have on site Cannabis sales and consumption, let’s just say we got turned on. Northern Nights will be the first official music festival that will include three days and nights of good times, music, Cannabis celebration and re-creation!  We’re excited about the easy breezy, go ahead and search me, I be smoking my joint and enjoying the woods good time that this festival plans to be! We’re feeling the Cannapolitan vibes!

Over twenty dispensaries and brands will be on hand to meet consumers and sell their Cannabis goods and attendees will be able to consume as well inside the Northern Nights Tree Lounge. NN is also incorporating cannabis into its wellness programming for the weekend with Cannabis educational activities. This groundbreaking wellness plan explores movement, mindfulness, healing, and community and how cannabis connects us all.

More than a movement! Recreation is medicine. Movement is healing. Deemed “Re-Creation,” Northern Nights 2019 will be an infused experience curated by local Cannabis brand Humboldt Farms and San Francisco’s Fit Fest co-founder, Nate Mezmer. During all three days attendees can participate in programming that includes a variety of wellness classes, workshops and mindful gatherings open to all 21 and over.

Some of the sessions include:

Breath work & Cacao guided by Paola Ucelo.

Self Care: Cannabis & CBD 101 with Letesha Holley.

Self-Massage and Stoned Yoga with neuromuscular therapist Katy Karns.

Movement is Medicine with movement coach Vishal Kumar.

Restorative Acro Yoga with Adam Frater & Sammie Mancine.

CBD & TLC with Relationship Coach Leah Morris.

Cannabis & Medicinal plants workshop with Humboldt Farms Co-Founder Liz Lux.

Body Work by Missy Kai.

Hypno Trance Dance with Amanda Silvati.

Infused Yoga with Kaeli Renae

Soul Jam with musician Nina Grae.

Most of us recognize that legalization has been a tough road for us here in California. It’s been difficult for the family farmer, patients, and small business operators that have been through a lot to get where they are today. This festival is all about celebrating music, life, Cannabis and the freedom that we want with legalization, true freedom- no stigmas!

Northern Nights is going to be jam packed with opportunities unlike any other festival on the planet. We mentioned the Eel River, bring the floaties! We’ll be there to experience it for ourselves and report back to all our Cannapolitans on what an amazing and life changing experience it will be. We would love to have you join us, click on the link below for the last remaining tickets! We can’t wait to be with you in the woods living it up, see you there!

Limited tickets are still on sale Get tickets and information here.