You can have great gut health and drink your cannabis at the same time. Introducing Good Stuff Tonics, the latest addition to your new year’s list of healthy cannabis infused wonderfulness that will have you feeling relieved on a number of levels. Our team took the challenge of incorporating this wonder tonic into our daily medicating routine to discover the power of probiotics and how cannabis can play a role in intestinal and digestive health. Every day our team felt began noticing less bloat, stress, and overall better well being at the same time medicated for an hour or two (depending on how much was ingested.) This is an excellent product and we feel this could be an outstanding product for not just overall health but also may aid patients that suffer from IBS, or other digestive complications. Our team members love the flavor and zingy pop of the apple and ginger inside the kombucha. Another benefit is the quick onset of the cannabis effects that the kombucha seems to accelerate.

We were introduced to Dr. Michael Scott, he has a number of specialties and experience, he took some time to answer some questions that helped us have a greater understanding of the world of kombucha and probiotics and how cannabis makes everything better.

Cannapolitan: Explain the process of how Good Stuff Tonics work in the body from the time it is ingested and what are the benefits?

Dr. Scott: When Good Stuff Tonics are ingested there is an immediate response. Some of the cannabinoids are taken into the blood stream sublingually. This is why many of our customers prefer the Good Stuff Tonics to other edibles. The effect comes on much faster compared to waiting an hour for that “feel good” feeling. Aside from that the Kombucha makes its way into the intestines where it starts a series of reactions that lower the intestinal pH thereby creating an ideal and healthy gastrointestinal system.

Cannapolitan: How often should a person ingest these types of probiotics and what is an ideal amount?

Dr. Scott: The good thing about Good Stuff Tonics is that it can be taken indefinitely as maintenance to good gut health. Most of the patients we see take it daily although they are able to gradually decrease the amount because of its effectiveness. The Kombucha maintains the ideal gut pH while the cannabinoids keep the gut relaxed and staves off inflammation which doctors suggest is a major cause of most illness.

Cannapolitan: Is there any downside to probiotics?

Dr. Scott: No, not at all. Probiotics are what make up the ecosystem that resides in your gastrointestinal tract. When you use the terminology of “probiotics” think good bacteria. You can never have enough good bacteria. It is important to have a gut that is full of good bacteria to police the bad bacteria. Probiotics is just a proficient yet harmless means to provide that level of monitoring. No downside at all.

Cannapolitan: Should certain folks with health or dietary issues avoid this type of product?

Dr. Scott: To the contrary! Probiotics are beneficial for good gut health. The Kombucha in Good Stuff Tonics provides the necessary environment to keep illness at bay. The cannabinoids just help bolster this system.

Cannapolitan: Can you titrate Good Stuff Tonics throughout the day or is it best to take all at once the desired dosage?

Dr. Scott: This is a good question. As with any supplement or medication I feel that it is best to talk to a health care professional who understands this type of formulation and its specificity to diseases. Not every illness or disease requires the same amount of medication. Further, our product comes in two distinct concentrations.

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