This Saturday 5/14/22 kicks off the first Green Street Festival!

The celebration starts with a private event on Friday for a limited crowd to include dinner with Gary Vaynerchuk and Harry Mack.

Saturday gets lit starting at noon at the Green Street building and at 1pm at the Majestic Theater on Spring Street will open up to the audience with musicians, DJ’s, speakers, and much more. It’s going to be a wonderful day of inspiring tastes, smells, flavors and sounds. Why are we celebrating? We’re celebrating the Cannabis community and Green Street’s new building that just so happens to be having a birthday that day as well. The dream and the actual building took nearly 10 years to come to reality. The existing building was renovated and refinished before and during the pandemic. It’s a visionary development, a dream of bringing the Cannabis community together. The result is what you see today. This historic building is now writing a new chapter in history with seven floors plus a open air rooftop terrace for all to enjoy and admire.

A Place for Cannabis Businesses to Grow and Thrive.

That place is Green Street. For years Green Street (the company) has been helping Cannabis companies develop their brands, build reputations, and get their products in front of retailers, press, celebrities and more. Founder, Rama Mayo is a serial entrepreneur with multiple types of  businesses under his umbrella. What initially started as an agency for Cannabis companies, has evolved into much more over time. Green Street started with marketing and event curation and now has lead to a much grander concept. The next logical step in Rama Mayo’s plan became building a place where brands and the community could come together. A neutral place to expand minds and share best practices, the Green Street building is that place.

Welcome to Green Street!

Green Street’s building is home (or used as satellite offices) to over fifty Cannabis companies/ brands.  This space is designed for companies to interact with each other freely and quite possibly on a collaborative efforts as well. This unique environment is intended for Cannabis brands to flourish in, even more so with a building that was designed for them in mind. Now Cannabis brands can hold meetings in Cannabis friendly environment and when they get hungry there is a gourmet restaurant (that likes the way you smell like Cannabis) on the floor level to service all their munchie needs. Green Street holds regular events weekly for their tenants that are intended to bring people together.

The Green Street building that is located at 718 South Hill Street in Downtown Los Angeles and it is truly a dream come true.

Green Street’s Founder, Rama Mayo has gone beyond his early vision of an agency and has curated and created a powerhouse for Cannabis brands to live, breathe, smoke, vape and get stuff done all in one space. We’re excited to share more with you after the festival. Tickets are completely sold out, so we’ll be sharing all the details about the entire Green Street Festival here at Cannapolitan.

Here’s the line up of talent and world class speakers that will be seen and heard at the Majestic Theater as well as all the beauty of Green Street’s fabulous building.

green street fest flyer