GRAV Glass is dominating the dojo with their next level glass products. Their latest break through is well-designed from beginning to end. GRAV’s Glass Joints are a packaged system that provides the user with the experience of seven half-gram pre-filled or empty glass joints that you fill yourself. We’ll explain more…Either way, they are ready to go with you when you are and wherever you may roam. This is just one of the many reasons we feel GRAV’s glass joints are game changers!

Roots Can Lead to Future Successes

GRAV is an inventive and innovative glass company that has been turning heads and assisting to help expand minds since 2004. Their original “Taster” pipe was the product that turned the company into a profitable business, years in the making. Fast forward to 2020 when the master mind team at GRAV develop another genius device to make your Cannabis life better. The Glass Joint was born! We believe GRAV is going to have huge success with this product offering for a number of reasons.

Grav Glass Joint

Packaging is Convenient and Reuseable!

We have to start with the packaging that becomes your new friend to house your little friends. GRAV’s glass joint system comes with seven glass cartridges and one mouthpiece all packaged in a familiar plastic container. This product is what the pop-top plastic container was made for! It’s certainly nostalgic to many of us who have been medical Cannabis patients in California and elsewhere when these containers were the container you would get your Cannabis in.

In the early years of dispensaries your bud would be weighed out and put into these jars. They were easy for patients to open without the hassle of the “child proof” jars that first hit the market. The side squeeze pop-top jar was king for years. Sadly, it’s now rare to get pop-tops because of over reached regulations for packaged Cannabis in the legal marketplace. So, we’re thrilled to see the old pop top in action again!

Another Reason to Love GRAV

Earlier we mentioned that these glass joints are available pre-filled or you can buy them empty directly from GRAV. So far, several California cultivators and dispensaries are offering their top shelf Cannabis inside the 3.5-gram joint offering. Soon in the very near future there will soon be more offerings expanding into other legal and medical Cannabis states. GRAV’s mission is to offer this system to top cultivators and brands that will only fill with the very best Cannabis flower. Rightfully so, when you have such an outstanding product, you want it to be filled with only the very best! Check out this feature in Cannapolitan with their glass water pipes.

Product testing at Outside Lands, San Francisco Halloween weekend

grav glass joints system

Pre-filled Glass Joints Filled with Top Shelf Cannabis

One of the early brands to embrace and appreciate GRAV’s glass joints is The Cure Company. This premium Cannabis cultivator located in downtown Los Angeles is both a company and a brand name. The Cure Company brand of Cannabis has a subsidiary dispensary called City Compassionate Caregivers (CCC). This legendary dispensary has been serving Los Angeles since 2006 as a medical Cannabis dispensary and then became medical and adult use in 2018. The Cure Company offers their strain Cure-lato in the pre-filled GRAV glass joints currently.

We LOVE GRAV’s Glass Joints!

Everyone in the Cannapolitan review team went nuts with these! The freedom that these glass joints provide is really worthy of getting obsessed with. So much so we had reviewers refilling theirs with different layers of strains or adding keif to the flower and loading them up that way. The possibilities are endless. We also LOVE that you can stop inhaling and stop pushing your ash out and allow the joint to stop smoking until you’re ready to light it up again.

Also, with that motion you can push off the old ash and burnt material and start a fresh green hit! The trick to keeping the glass joint lit is to gently slide the mouthpiece towards the burning end of the joint so that there’s just enough Cannabis getting oxygen to keep the cherry lit. It takes a little practice at first, but you’ll understand and adapt quickly to this new and exciting technique of smoking a joint, and without papers! Nothing to get in the way of you and your own tasty Cannabis in all its glory.

Easy to Keep Loaded and Stocked with Fresh Hits

The beauty behind this product is whether you buy them empty or pre-filled, you’re able to clean the mouthpieces and cartridges easily. Simply soak in alcohol or your favorite pipe cleaning product for a minute or two. Finish with a pipe cleaner then, once they are rinsed and dried, they are ready to be reloaded. One tip to remember is to keep all your caps, you’ll need those to refill and store your loaded cartridges inside the nifty pop-top container that has an insert inside that keeps all the glass cartridges and your mouthpiece organized inside.

Check out this great demonstration video from GRAV how to fill all your cartridges quickly and effectively.

GRAV is Changing the Game on Pre-rolls!

GRAV has always been innovating their glass offerings from day one. Always designing with thoughtful consideration of the user experience and adding elegance in their designs. They were one of the first glass brands to step into the dispensary marketplace. Offering rigs and water pipes was one step forward to connect their quality brand to the end user. GRAV glass offers outstanding value and durable glass pieces that will enhance the user experience for a lifetime.

Check out our recent feature on several of their latest water pipes and bubblers. That said, this product, the GRAV Glass Joints are going to be introducing the dispensary buyer an opportunity to discover a new way to partake unlike any other. Remember you saw it here first in Cannapolitan Magazine! Stay tuned for more GRAV product features here in the near future.

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Interested in having your premium Cannabis brand offered within these GRAV glass joints? Contact them on their website as well.


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