Dear Rebels, Dreamers, Cannabis Enthusiasts, Activists, Advocates and all that want to partake on 4/20!

The HIGH HOLIDAY is nearly here and here at Cannapolitan, we celebrate all week long!

First off, gather your cannabis and your favorite pipe! Next, think about what kind of activities you want to do on this special day. There are no particular rules for this special day other than the usual puff puff pass rules and Cannapolitan etiquette is appreciated. If you don’t know the story behind 4/20, that’s quite alright, the facts behind the story is just that, a story. The waldos exist, we know this.  Let’s face it, all of us cannabis enthusiasts just needed a day to celebrate the herb, stick out our middle finger at the Government, and smoke as much cannabis as we please! A day of civil disobedience is in order throughout the country! However, many of us will be partaking in legal adult or medical use states.

In keeping with the tradition of 4/20 we thought we would suggest a variety of activities that can be achieved fairly easily, so long as you have access to cannabis and a method planned on how you want to ingest it. One note on edibles- go low and slow, wait, you can always eat more later, over medicating on edibles could kill your vibe.

♥ Throw a 4/20 party, invite friends and encourage BYOB (bring your own bud) that way everyone can pitch in on the variety of Cannabis that gets passed around. Might we suggest the foot long RAW paper cone for maximum 4:20 splendor.

♥ Get out and gather friends to see a show. Not only is Coachella happening this weekend, but there are plenty of cannabis friendly artists performing this weekend and shows to experience.  We like as they have listings for shows, comedy, music and more.

Cannapolitan Top 4/20 Events


♥ Hippie Hill within Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is a time honored tradition in the bay area and it will be all ablaze on 4/20 with planned bud drop happening at 4:20 (yes similar to the ball in NYC Times Square) and should be thousands in attendance. There is a sponsor to this year’s event that is also doing fun giveaways including the opportunity to win free Cannabis for a year. We’re also told there will be legal sales permitted somewhere in the same area. Check out Hippie Hill here for details.

♥ Dispensaries! Yes, this has become the greatest day to shop for Cannabis with exceptional deals that are sure to have you ready to celebrate all weekend long. Just be responsible and safe this weekend everyone! We don’t need any “stupid stoner stories” to report on.

♥ Create your own adventure, just do it responsibly and safely.

Lastly, include creating your own 4/20 traditions, truly unique to you and your crew and have fun!

Happy 420 everyone!