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Beating Burnout in Covid Times

We’re all doing our best to cope with so many challenges at this time in life for us all. We asked Dr. Nimira how we can best cope with the world around us as we all battle stress, avoid Covid-19 and burnout. Here, she gives us great tips and advice on how to stay balanced in times of chaos.

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Your Body’s Work From Home Survival Guide

In this self-isolation world we’re living in, it has us all rethinking how we operate our lives day to day while staying at home…ALL THE TIME! Many of us are working from home. It’s either you don’t have at home work station or your’re working at home set-up is not supporting your body for proper posture. As another component of our health and wellness series, we reached out to Dr. Nimira Alibhoy to help us sort out best practices to stay upright and in less pain during these times.

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Stay at Home Isolation Self-Care Survival Guide

These are uncertain, unprecedented times! We need to adapt and rise to the challenge of social distancing, work from home, home schooling, etc. How do we build a sense of control and calm in our day? Our guide on self-care during self isolation will have you feeling less stressed and more balanced as we get through this unusual time in history.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Skin

Here at Cannapolitan, we love finding ways to incorporate good living with Cannabis everyday. Niru Beauty is a company that we love to feature because their approach is an all natural one with ingredients that are clean and natural. Niru Beauty also has CBD infused into their face oils to help heal and balance the skin’s health. Your face, whether you’re male or female is the first thing people see when they meet you, so it feels great when you’re looking your best. Here are some great tips for spring cleaning your skin.

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Cannapolitan's 2019 Favorite Things- Beauty & Wellness

Our favorite things of 2019. Beauty & CBD products. We strive to feature the very best products, events, and Cannabis (where legally applicable) available. We are professional grade Cannabis enthusiasts with a passion for quality and superior highs. With that in mind, please find something to vape or smoke on and get ready to discover what is missing in your life with Cannapolitan’s favorite things for 2019 and beyond into this new decade of decadent Cannabis.

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Breasties Forever, Living the Breast Life!

No matter what month it is, be aware of your breasts with massage. Did you know that regular massage of the breasts could help possibly prevent health problems? Did you know that there is belief and proof for some that breast massage increases bust size? Perhaps you have not thought about it much, like many of us. Read on and discover why you should want to do it regularly, if you’re a woman of course. Men are also encouraged to read on as this is a perfect way to cop a feel with the lady you love.

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An Unlikely Trio for Healing

If you had told teenage me that one day, I would practice yoga, enjoy running, and write about cannabis for a living, I would’ve wanted to believe you, but frankly, I would’ve thought you smoked a bad batch. It turns out that as an adult, those three things healed me in ways that no doctor or modern medicine could.

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Cannabis Infusions

Cannabis is being infused into just about anything these days: topical lotions and balms, edibles, cosmetics, and pet treats too. The list of products continues to grow and it can be difficult to decide upon just one type or brand.

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Cannabis has been incorporated with fitness for a long time, it's only now that it is reaching new levels of acceptance and new levels of appreciation. Cannabis infused yoga classes are spreading all over the country.

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