Author: Bobby Black

Cannthropology- Assassins of Truth

Step back in time and learn about the history of Cannabis prohibition. In this month’s Cannthropology feature presented by World of Cannabis Museum, contributor Bobby Black shares with us his research and knowledge of how the spread of misinformation about Cannabis and hemp lead the plant to become illegal in the US and throughout the globe through propaganda and racism, not science.

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Introducing Cannthropology – History in The Making

In his new monthly syndicated column and podcast Cannnthropology, our Cannapolitan contributor Bobby Black explores the history of cannabis culture one artifact and interview at a time. Bobby is the executive director of the World of Cannabis Museum project. He’s also a former senior editor, columnist, and 21-year veteran of High Times magazine, host of Blazin’ With Bobby Black on Cannabis Radio, and co-founder of Higher Way Travel.

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