Saturday February 23rd 4:20pm

The big easy will soon have easy access to CBD products within the French Quarter in New Orleans! Weed World Candies will soon be opening a retail store in the coming weeks. On Saturday Feburary 23rd there will be a celebration scheduled to fire up at 4:20. In true New Orleans style there will be a  2nd line parade to kick it off proper. Just in time for Mardi Gras celebrations too!

The Loudest Vehicles in America

Weed World Candies has been operating for years traveling throughout the country promoting their CBD products. Their fleet of vehicles scream graphics promoting the candies and Cannabis decriminalization. Famous for their signature CBD lollypops and their loud promotional trucks, vans, hummers, ambulances, and RV’s are all wrapped in the Weed World Candies branded look. The vehicles are impossible to miss and will have you do a double take. This is the next evolution of Cannabis acceptance in America.

“We are excited about having our footprint in the Louisiana market, providing visitors with high-quality products through an inviting and educational experience,” said Pete Marrero, Marketing Director for Weed World Candies. “This store and future Weed World Candies locations will also have a tribute to Cannabis freedom fighters and an educational museum dedicated to the evolution of Cannabis.”

Opening the Conversation in the South

The flagship store location will be at 230 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130. During the grand opening event, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about Weed World Candies. Visitors can interact with their educated staff about available products. Products such as Lollipops, Gummies, Chocolate treats, and the best CBD brands and companies from around the country will be available for purchase.  Cannapolitan was given the exclusive to share the news that New Orleans will have the first CBD store opening in the French Quarter.  Stay tuned to see the festivities and discover how the story unfolds here in Cannapolitan.


All photos owned & provided by Cannapolitan. Story updated with opening date on 2/20/2019.

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