Photos by Max Fuerst is about to launch a platform online intended to celebrate the Cannabis community in a big way. This company is serious and is launching with big Snoop Dogg as their first order of entertainment line-up with a streaming show from San Antonio, Texas. Appropriately available for streaming on 7/10. This show will be the first of many to come as the site begins to unfold in the coming days and weeks ahead. We’re told that this will be a friendly all in one experience for the Cannabis enthusiast. Want to post a picture of your home grow? That’s allowed at!  Speaking of which, we tried to re-post something that someone had posted in Instagram about people using purple food coloring to make buds appear purple… Instagram shut us down and made us delete it from our stories. That was a legitimate PSA and yet not allowed there.

Tired of having your hard work, money, time, and content get destroyed by anti-Cannabis fascists? WE ARE TOO!

We here at Cannapolitan HOPE that this platform will give the community somewhere to grow, vegetate, bloom and smoke all in the same place. Companies and Cannabis brands have a difficult time marketing to their customers when every post is scrutinized. Oh the hypocritical Zuckerberg, his social media platforms prosecute Cannabis posts and brands, yet the man had no problem donating money towards prop 64 in California, legalizing retail Cannabis. What’s the deal Zuker? He’s soon to be the sucker when dominates the dojo for Cannabis marketing and commerce.

Finally, a home for Cannabis community to drop in and chillax! encourages users to be free and speak their minds, share photos, videos and be at home in a Cannabis friendly environment geared with their values in mind. We are told there will be plenty of entertainment in the way of original content, movies, podcasts, music performances, and much more in store.

You can be a part of this epic launch by visiting and get ready to watch Snoop Dogg (aka DJ Snoopadelic) hit the stage on the second best Cannabis high holiday of the year, 7/10 and tune in by 7:10 CMT to watch the first stream of this epic show. You worked hard gathering all your 7/10 supplies, now relax and get ready to get HIGH with Snoop!


Snoop Dogg