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Défoncé Chocolate

Défoncé (French for Higher) Get ready to get higher on all levels, including expectations for great tasting, yet potent edibles. Great things come in great packaging these days and we’re so excited to see and experience this new era in edibles. Introducing Défoncé Chocolate, the ultimate indulgence in cannabis infused gourmet treats. First off, we have to call attention to the exceptionally well designed packaging and labeling, which really sets it off. Opening the package requires removing a clear seal over the secured closure. Finally, the unique shape of the bar gives the user the options to dose accordingly;...

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Blue Maui strain review

I am thrilled to share this amazing strain, as it has to be one of the best combo’s I’ve discovered in my 20+ years as a patient.  Two strains; blue dream and Maui waui, crossed to create a whole new strain of its own. Let’s start with the family background. Blue dream is a hybrid; it is a cross of blueberry and haze. The blueberry is an indica, and the haze is sativa, it’s a wonderful combination. Maui waui is the tropical sativa that is wonderfully energetic and inspiring, which is a lot like blue dream on the creative...

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P.S. KAABOO, I Love You!!!

This summer I have experienced several incredible music festivals, however for some of us Southern Californians, the summer isn’t over till you have KAABOOed. KAABOO is the perfect bookmark to end the summer festival season. KAABOO is in its third year and the organizers are not bluffing on their statement regarding the inspiration for KAABOO being that it was designed by music lovers for music lovers.  Festivals are getting more and more luxurious and overwhelming with so many choices of artists to hear and see, the wish is if you could be in more than one place at the...

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