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Hakuna Supply Storage Boxes

Forget the roses, give your lover something they really want on Valentine’s Day. There are many products designed to hold your stash, but if you’re looking for something a bit more grown up and sophisticated, then Hakuna Supply has your tastes and needs handled with their beautiful stash boxes and more. Hakuna (as you may know means “no more worries”) and we certainly no longer worry about having a place to stash our cannabis and accessories now that we found Hakuna Supply.  We like these boxes for many reasons starting with the quality of the materials and the thoughtful...

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AnnaBís Handbags

AnnaBis a luxury line of cannabis friendly handbags designed with the ladies that want functional and stylish bags that speak to their lifestyle. AnnaBis has truly set the bar high for fashion and function in the latest additions of shoulder bags that are great for everyday use. There is now something for just about every woman, and even men included (for the guys check out the leather Frankie vape case.) All Annabis bags are made with the highest quality materials, supple leathers, striking snake printed leathers, including an option of vegan leathers, so there truly is a AnnaBis for...

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Express Yourself and Drop the Stigma

As we ease into the new world of legalization in California, it’s time for all cannabis enthusiasts to come out of the cannabis closet. What if there was a commercial that encouraged a discussion about cannabis? How would that go down? For me, I’m completely out of the cannabis closet, I’ll talk cannabis with just about anyone and I wear loud cannabis t-shirts to the gym. Are you open with your friends and family about your choice to use cannabis? You may be reading this now and wondering whether to come out of the cannabis closet with your adult...

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Ziggy Marley Wild and Free

“I see hemp fields forever growing wild and free, I see marijuana trees blowing in the breeze” These are Ziggy Marley’s words and music. Wild and Free is more than just a song, it has a deeper message; it’s about freedom. Ziggy Marley is very outspoken on many subjects that affect the world and the people in it, but when it comes to hemp, perhaps you’d be surprised where he initially learned about hemp. “When I was a teenager, maybe 14 or 15 I found a book called The emperor wears no clothes, by Jack Herer. It really fascinated...

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