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Can·na·pol·i·tan noun/ adjective 1. An educated & experienced Cannabis enthusiast and advocate that stands up for their beliefs.  2. Can be used to describe a person, feeling, lifestyle. A Cannapolitan lives free from prejudice and has a high level of  respect and appreciation for the Cannabis plant.  3. A lifestyle magazine that inspires a new era of Cannabis activism, class, sophistication and dedicated to Cannapolitan citizens of the world.







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Dissatisfied about Disjointed being cancelled?

The Netflix show about weed has been cancelled and will not be returning for another season, most of us would be sad about this, but instead many are rejoicing. Will the show be missed or dissed by the community that it seems to mock and make fun of?

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Alexis Bortell VS. DOJ & DEA

The idea that the government should act as “we the people, for the people” has long left the minds of many Americans today, no matter where you come from. This girl gives hope to millions that want their freedoms restored.

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Good Stuff Tonics is Full of Good Stuff

How important is it to maintain a healthy gut? We asked a doctor to give us the breakdown and also introduce you to the first cannabis infused Kombucha.

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